When I started Un:Bound I never imagined it would grow so much and enjoy such a wonderful team, but it has and it does and it has been an amzing ride so far. Huge appreciation to everyone who puts their time, energy and imagination into making this site what it is.

In addition to my endless and joyful duties for Un:Bound I have a day job, doing sustainable transport stuff for a local authority. I love my day job almost as much as I love un:bound.

Coming up I will be doing audio reviews for the brilliant podcast Esape Pod, and i'm doing occasional reviews for Left Lion, Nottingham's free community paper.

Here (just below my blog links) is where I will be storing the links for all those other things, the ones that have links. I'll also list the reviews I do for Left Lion that go into the paper rather than online, just for my own satisfaction really. It's stuff that can't doesn't belong in the main site archives.

My Twitter - I tweet my stuff but also unbound updates

Left Lion
They interviewed me first.
Carribean Whispers by Caroline Bell Foster - May edition
City of Ruin by Mark Charan Newton
Interview - Mark Charan Newton
Vintage - Maxine Linnell
Interview - Maxine linnell