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NewCon Press is proud to announce an exciting new venture, Imaginings. A series of
short story collections (approximately 50,000 words); each volume will feature the work of a single selected author, bringing together the very best of that author’s previously published but uncollected short fiction, as chosen by the author themselves, plus original stories.

Imaginings will be published at three or four month intervals. The first volume will appear

There will be a signed and numbered hardback edition limited to 100 or 125 copies, plus an e- book & kindle version. No paperback edition.

Each volume of Imaginings will feature generically similar cover design and layout (though
with individual cover art), so that the books build into a credible series.

The signed hardback editions of Imaginings will be available to buy via the NewCon Press
website, priced at £19.99 (plus shipping, currently £2.50 per book within the UK).

Or… Imaginings can be purchased via subscription. The advantages?

Reduced price. Two volumes: £38.00, three volumes: £55.00, four volumes: £72.00.
Shipping within the UK will be free (and discounted for overseas subscribers).
Subscribers will ‘buy’ a number within the limited edition run. Every volume you
receive will feature that number, which remains yours exclusively until the subscription
lapses, at which point it will become available to others.
In addition to the hardback volume, subscribers will receive a free copy of the e-book.
Subscribers are guaranteed a copy of a high quality, very limited book which is likely to
sell out rapidly and become highly collectable.

The first six authors to feature in Imaginings have already been selected. The precise order of publication has yet to be determined, depending on a number of factors; not least the authors’ individual schedules and commitments. Alphabetically, then, the first six authors to grace Imaginings with their finest work will be:

Nina Allan
Stephen Baxter
Pat Cadigan
Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Tanith Lee
Adam Roberts

To subscribe and ensure you don’t miss out, contact Ian Whates at:

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