Review | The Traitors Gate by Sarah Silverwood

The Traitors Gate
by Sarah Silverwood

The second on her first YA series, The Traitors Gate picks up the story of Finmere and his friends Christopher and Joe where The Double Edged Sword leaves off. If you haven’t read the first book this review may contain spoilers.

Starting with a sense of relief and celebration after the recent victory in the Nowhere some of the Knights are less confident their troubles are over. The three boys are all changed by the experience, Joe particularly altered by his new burden, leaving some distrustful of him.

When people are found infected with a madness that Tova the Storyholder saw and the sky darkens with an unnatural storm it becomes obvious it isn’t over. The biggest battles are still ahead. With knew Knights on board and unusual new allies the three boys and the Knights are entering a fight between good and evil for both worlds.

The first book was fantastic, a real adventure set between worlds and between childhood and manhood for the boys at sixteen. Traitors Gate continues all of that but is darker and more treacherous taking turns neither the boys nor the reader expects. Silverwood doesn’t pull punches either, no coddling the reader with the promise that good always triumphs, sometimes evil gets exactly what it’s looking for and sometimes good finds itself with the most unlikely warriors on it’s side. There is madness and horror as well as courage, there are senseless tragedies because face it the world is cruel and people caught up in frenzy of grief and anger can do truly awful things. Nothing is what it seems and it’s all to play for.

I am eagerly anticipating book three and the conclusion of Finwick’s journey.

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