Review | The Fall by Claire McGowan

The Fall
by Claire McGowan
Pub: Headline Books
Released Feb 2012

When her fiancée Dan is arrested for murder Charlotte finds her expensive wedding, nice pampered life and everything she knows is on the line. No one seems to want to know her any more yet alone help her.

Keisha was at the club the night the murder happened, she may know something vital, but she’s not sure exactly what she does know, or that she wants to know it, all she is sure of is that her boyfriend Chris has suddenly become a threat to her.

The Fall is in some ways more about the personal journey’s of the two female leads than it is the crime, as they try to deal with the situation the behaviour of their respective partners has created. If banker Dan hadn’t blown up int he club he would never have been accused and their is some small doubt over his innocence in the readers mind, while Keisha’s Chris would be a much more pleasing killer from our perspective. The case is strong though and the investigation was not incompetent, it also complicated matters that the only really likeable male character is the one who has just dragged Dan off to jail.

There is plenty of internal personal conflict in all the characters and while they are not all or always likeable they are compelling, just enough doubt over the killing also helps to keep the reader hooked. The writing has more of a literary feel than I have normally come across in crime fiction, but there are lurking threats in the dark and plenty of psychological trauma to make this a fun and gripping read.

A strong and compelling debut by an author who has set the bar high and is primed to do interesting things in the genre.

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