Drunk on the Moon

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Out now from Dark Valentine Press, it’s Drunk on the Moon, the adventures of the werewolf detective Roman Dalton, created by pulpy noir meister Paul D. Brazill and let loose upon the unsuspecting world.

Crime writing master Les Edgerton says, “What a great idea! Create a particular character—Roman Dalton, ex-cop, current P.I., current werewolf—and let him go on the mean streets. Invite some of the best noir writers on the planet to ride this horse. Paul D. Brazill is the guy who’s doing more than almost anyone in energizing the noir genre and this is an innovative and important step in what looks to be a massive B12 shot.”

So what drew folks to the pack? What’s so grand about writing werewolf noir?

Richard Godwin: ‘The taste of the meat and night vision.’


Frank Duffy: ‘The most fun about writing werewolf noir was being able to work within a framework that instead of stifling the writer, was in fact pretty much open to all sorts of intereptations. Usually such themed stories prove limiting, whereas this was the complete opposite. Just looking at the diverse authors involved, the differing styles and attitudes, not to mention the wonderful and weird plot developments in Roman’s ongoing story, shows just how successful Paul Brazill was in getting people to come at the stories DOM from their own perspective. That was really fun.’

Katherine Tomlinson: ‘It was a total pleasure playing with everyone in a shared sandbox! What I enjoyed the most about writing my story was that I had a double point of view–the man and the wolf. It was a lot of fun to combining fantasy/horror with noir. I think the two genres blend nicely and since I write a lot of Urban Fantasy, sliding into Roman’s world was very comfortable. I loved reading what everyone came up with to fill in the blanks and expand upon Paul’s world. I still have questions though–how did Ivan get that pentangle-shaped scar? How did Ton Ton Phillipe get so powerful? I guess those are stories for another book…’

Allan Leverone: ‘Man, where do I start? I’ve written plenty of horror and love telling stories about the supernatural, but the opportunity to write noir supernatural was simply too good to pass up. I read Paul Brazill’s original “Drunk on the Moon” short story when it appeared at the late, great Dark Valentine site, and when I learned he was looking to serialize the story, with a different author penning each installment, I was all in. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute a story and to appear alongside the outstanding stable of authors who have chronicled Roman Dalton’s adventures (so far)!’

Julia Madeleine: ‘When I was first considering writing a story for Drunk On The Moon, I immediately thought this is crazy. A werewolf PI who does battle with zombies and aliens. What? This is not my area of expertise. But then I thought it would be a challenge to write something completely different than what I normally write. What I loved about writing werewolf noir was that it brought me back to my horror roots, watching scary movies in the dark as a kid. I grew up on movies, like The Wolfman. So ultimately writing in the series turned out to be pure fun.’

Jason Michel: ‘Put the words “werewolf” & “noir” together & you have a juicy pulp sandwich of an idea. What, by Lon Chaney Jr’s hairy chin chin, is there not to like?’

K. A. Laity: ‘Writing “It’s a Curse” allowed me to do things I love – make yet another reference to a Fall song and even more obscure references to Peter Cook, as well as get into the head of a werewolf. It’s small and dark in there! I got to run with a character I already loved and even give him a little bit of happiness (which you know won’t last long) and just have a hell of a time playing.’

Like the Facebook page for Drunk on the Moon, where you’ll find the authors hanging out, howling at the moon (or just about anything) and singing along with Tom Waits.

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11 thoughts on “Drunk on the Moon

  1. Becoming a part of the dark and mysterious world of The City, where Roman Dalton roams the streets along with assorted zombies, voodoo priest gangsters, and occasionally uncontrollable werewolves, was unbelievably fun. Hopefully the adventures will continue…

  2. Kudos too to Joy Sillesen of Dark Valentine Press who designed the cover and formatted the innards. I second Allan’s thought–I’m ready for Drunk on the Moon 2: The Howling Continues!

    • She’s too much of a professional to say this, so I will: Thanks also to Katherine Tomlinson, the driving force behind Dark Valentine Magazine, which eventually morphed into Dark Valentine Press, the publisher of DRUNK ON THE MOON…

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