Comics – 22nd August 2012

A mixed bag this week, with some titles improving, some going the other way. There’s still another set of releases out this month, including Aquaman #12, and a number of annuals. September see DC putting out 0 issues of all it’s titles, and introducing some new ones as well, but between now and then I’ll be doing a look back over the last year, and seeing if the New52 have been a success.

DC – New 52 #12 Part 4

The Flash
I, Vampire
Justice League Dark
New Guardians
Teen Titans

Skipped To The End…

DC – New 52 #12 Part 4

The Flash #12
Script & Cover by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul
Colours by Brian Buccelato
Letters by Wes Abbot

After a couple of iffy issues The Flash seems far more on track this week.

There’s villains of all sorts this week, with Dr Elias falling into this camp as well, depending on your view of his recent actions and reasons behind them. The Rouges are getting back together, after a fashion, and the story does a good job of introducing everyone, without resorting to caption boxes or exposition. Even with my limited knowledge I feel I know where everyone stands. I don’t think there’s really a wasted panel of speech bubble anywhere.

The art is very good this week, especially where it plays around with colour.

I, Vampire #12
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Andrea Sorrentino
Coloured by Marcelo Maiolo
Letered by Patrick Brosseau
Cover by Clayton Crain

An utterly fantastic issue this month, with the appearance of Stormwatch on the scene. The diaoluge positivly crackles between Hawksmoor, Midnighter and Apollo.

The horde of vambies/zompires threatens to overwhelm Andrew and the gang, even before Stormwatch arrive on the scene, firmly clutching the wrong end of the stick. Fighting together things still look bleak, as events move towards a grim end.

It’s not often you get a real gut punch moment, let alone two together. A very good issue.

Justice League Dark #12
Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Mikel Janin
Coloured by Ulises Arreola
Lettered by Rob Leigh
Cover by Ryan Sook

The cover is a bit off this month, but I’m not going to tell you why.

There’s a number of shoes that should be dropping throughout the issue, and at least two never touch the ground.

There are some very nice bits this month. Watch out for Zatanna’s magic being turned against her.

Our principal villain remains mysterious, at times literally in the dark. I do hope the reveal is worth the effort that’s gone into covering things up.

There are nice cameos in amongst things, and some truly lovely art for two intimidating characters.

New Guardians #12
Written by Tony BEard
Pencilled by Tyler Kirkham
Inked by Batt
Coloured by Nei Ruffino & Wes hartman
Lettered by Dave Sharpe
Cover by Kirkman, Batt & Ruffino

For all the promise of epic fights and revelations this month, we really get very little of either. The big reveal was really blown at the end of last issue, and there’s little spun out of it that couldn’t be reasoned out a month ago.

The touted fight between Larfleeze and Invictus fails to really get going, with it broken into chunks as the Lanterns fight as individuals. The fight feels too static, with too much standing around talking.

The final few pages are a low, and just don’t work as a finale to what has been a 12 issue long mystery.

Teen Titans #12
Story by Scott Lobdell
Pencils by Brett Booth
Inks by Norm Rapmund
Colours by Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by Booth, Rapmund & Dalhouse

A disappointingly weak issue this month, highlighted by the back up story that continues Kid Falsh’s fight against the dino-teens from DCU Presents, and upstages the main story. More on this later though.

The main story begins with a bit of a jump taken from the end of last issue. While it’s not a problem to keep it, it feels annoying.

Considering how much previous issue have felt like they were cramming in, this issue feels far too short, with a brief story padded out by too many big panels for no purpose. Two pages of impressively laid out panels doesn’t make up for this.

The backup is a nice reward for people reading both Teen Titans and DCU presents, but does little to further the story. It still manages to do impress more (both in terms of art and dialogue) than the main story.

Skipped To The End…

Read I, Vampire, JLD, and The Flash this month, and in that order. The other two books can be taken or left depending on personal levels on personal levels of investment in the characters, but don’t expect much from them.

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