Review: In The Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami

In the Miso Soup

by Ryu Murakami

I got this one on kindle after it came recommended from a friend, it’s not something i’d normally buy. I’m actually very glad I did. It’s a strange and very unsettling book, focussing around a young Japanese sex tout guide and his American Client ‘Frank’.

Kenji becomes increasingly anxious about his client as things don’t quite add up.

The story is dark, creepy and disturbing, as you might expect from Murakami. It’s also very clever, brilliantly crafted, horrifying in the truest sense and utterly gripping. I read it quickly in one evening (no doubt losing some of the subtlety and beauty of the writing) because I had to know how it ended before I could possibly focus on anything else. It’s strange seeing the Japanese sex trade through accepting but slightly jaded Kenji and at the same time Frank who brings his American sensibilities and his own issues to the scene.

Worth a try for anyone looking for something a bit different, an alternative sensibility in writing and a clever well written tale.

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