Review: Owl Stretching by K.A. Laity

Owl Stretching
by Kate Laity

My 140 character tweet review of this one was  ‘Owl Stretching is wonderful, weird, lyrical and feels a bit like doing opium and playing space invaders with William Blake’

I can’t really usefully expand on that, but i’ll try. The tagline of the book is ‘Shamans vs Aliens’ and that’s about right, its also very much Ro’s journey to discover herself and mend bridges she had thought well and truly burnt.

In a world where nothing much grows any more and all the animals are gone there seems to be no hope against the aliens and the endless war Ro is a civil servant who’s best friend has been in a coma for ten years. When Simon miraculously awakes it sets a whole chain of events in motion for Ro, Simon and everyone who is prepared to follow them as they try and find a future.

Now the traditional disclaimer, I have far less time to read these days which is why I no longer accept review copies. Additionally I know far more writers than I did when I started out so its often the case that I am reviewing people I know and like and consider friends. Given that Kate also writes and edits for Fox Spirit it would be fair to point out a potential conflict of interest. Since my interest both as Un:Bound and as Fox Spirit remains the sharing and enjoying of great stories though I would refute that. I may not be 100% impartial, but who truly is and i’m so totally right.

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