Review: The Techxorcist pt 0.5 – The Rebirth

The Techxorcist Pt 0.5 The Rebirth
by Colin F Barnes

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The novellette that kicks off the Techxorcist series is available for free to download and I strongly recommend you take advantage of that.

This first installment sets the scene for the upcoming trilogy, but it’s also a tale in itself. Gerry Cardle runs the death lottery so when his numbers come up something is definitely awry. Having spent is whole life in the system Gerry is at a loss to know what’s gone wrong or what he can do about it. Desperate and afraid he falls in with a coupleĀ of hackers who offer a ‘kill or cure’ answer, well he’s dead anyway right?

Rebirth did a really fantastic job of getting the reader ready for the world they will be visiting in the series, having you rooting for Gerry and his companions and asking all the right questions for what’s coming next. A short but satisfying read that will leave you eager for the forthcoming trilogy.

Officially billed as a tech thriller, the Techxorcist series will also appeal to fans of 90’s cyber punk (like me), offering adventure, an element of old fashioned horror and plenty of post cataclysmic grimness and entertainment.

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