Review: Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire

Midnight Blue-Light Special
by Seanan McGuire
pub by DAW March 2013

Ok this one is a little early I know, but I couldn’t wait to read it and I certainly couldn’t wait three months to talk about it. Odd moment of wonderful synchronicity, the day before this arrived I was scouring my shelves (full of things I haven’t read yet) looking for something to read and thinking, I could do with something along the lines of ‘Discount Armageddon’. Next day the sequel pops through the door. I may have squeaked.

Anyway the book. It’s the second Verity Price novel but if you missed Discount Armageddon you could easily start here (then go back, because you’ll want to). It wouldn’t matter so much. Seanan produces exactly the sort of Urban Fantasy I love, a little humour, a lot of action, a touch of romance and this series delivers just as the Toby Daye books do, although the tone is a little more upbeat and fun.

Verity has been trained as a cryptozoologist from birth, a bit like a monster social worker and occasionally executioner, but she’s always wanted to dance. Now living on the East Coast away from her parents for a year (part of an agreement to let her choose her own path) she is torn between wanting to be her own person and the reputation and duty that comes with being a Price.

In her second outing, her year away is drawing to a close and the safety of every non human thing in her City is under threat from the monster hunters The Covenant. Unsure who she can trust and facing her toughest challenge yet, Verity has a choice between walking away from everything she knows or risking her life and giving up her dream.

I had my own dilemma with this one, read faster to know what happens, or read slowly to savour it. I am impatient so I went through it fast. It’s another superb offering from McGuire that perfectly hits its mark.

I’ve read a fair few of Seanan’s books now and they never let me down. A quick adventure, mixing warmth and fun with thrills and tension, characters that are easy to connect with (I particularly liked Istas with her bring on the mayhem and maiming attitude) and writing that carries you through everything smoothly delivering you to an exciting and satisfying conclusion.

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