Review: Zoe Sharp & The Charlie Fox Books

I reviewed the second Charlie Fox book a while ago and I ordered the third and fourth straight away. Some time later I finally had the chance to read them, back to back in record speed.

In Third Strike as Charlie prepares to go back into the field she finds her father is in the States and in trouble. In spite of their troubled relationship Charlie is determined to find out what is going on and soon discovers her parents are in serious danger. As she tries to figure it all out and help them she and her team are in a situation that is getting rapidly more dangerous.

Fourth Day sees Charlie under cover in a cult led by a charismatic and dangerous man, but all is not what it seems and as Charlie delves deeper, determined to find out who the real threat is,

I love these books, they deliver plenty of hard, fast, brilliantly visceral action. Sharp writes great fight scenes and plots with enough twists and turns to add depth to the drama and ┬ámake them solid memorable stories. The best thing about them remains Charlie. She’s a great character, far from perfect, too hard on Sean and herself, has a difficult relationship with her family, but she’s more compassionate than she has to be and utterly determined.

If you are struggling to find a thriller that packs enough punch I recommend the Charlie Fox series.

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