Review: Between two Thorns by Emma Newman

imagesI’ve had a run recently of books i’ve really ripped through and another was the first Split Worlds novel by Emma Newman.

From the moment Sam’s beer bladder takes him down a backstreet in Bath in the opening pages I was hooked. A rebellious fae girl determined to make it in the mortal world, family politics, fae lords and ladies up to cut throat shenanigans, a human male in the wrong place at the wrong time and all the murder, mystery and intrigue you would expect from worlds colliding and urban fairy tales.

Newman has created a well considered universe, balancing our reality and the Fae world convincingly, and creating compelling characters and plots, written with a wry humour. Right from the beginning I needed to know what Sam really saw and what Cathy’s fate would be. On finishing my first thought was when is the next one?

if you are looking for a new urban fantasy series that’s about character and adventure then   start here.

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