Review: Chimes at Midnight by Seanan McGuire

chimesThe latest October Daye novel once again raises the stakes for our heroine as Toby’s always tempestuous relationship with the Queen comes to a head.

Toby is investigating the distribution of the incredibly dangerous Goblin Fruit. 100% addictie and eventually deadly to all except purebloods and someone is letting it into the mortal world. When her investigation leaves her faced with banishment and questioning the Queens claim on the throne Toby has to find a way to save herself, reverse the decree and remove the goblin fruit from the streets.

This series never fails to be action packed, fun adventure. Toby and her friends are a fantastic cast of unusual characters and things never go smoothly, but they are resourceful and determined and should not be underestimated. The world Mcguire has built is complex and detailed and manages to blend the modern mortal world with the fae worlds soothly and consistently.

This latest instalment is due out in September 2013 and if you haven’t discovered the series yet go back to the beginning, it’s a treat.


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