Review: Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti

PlagueNationCover_FinalThe second Ashley Parker novel pretty much picks up where Plague Town left off. The wildcards are clearing out pockets of remaining zombies within the quarantine zone, while the reader get to see a series of incidents that are definitely not in the area. The virus has spread.

A tragic incident sends events into a chaotic spiral that climaxes at the end of the book with classic ‘to be continued’ style cliffhangers. Dana manages to deliver satisfying story telling and humour as well as a few new twists to the classic zompoc in these books that leaves you eager for the next one.

The use of zom pop culture references helps remind the reader that these wildcards mostly aren’t experienced army recruits, they are just the people who happen to be immune, so they joke about, they make mistakes, they go back for the cats. it’s part of the joy of these books.

if you are a fan of zombie fiction, or even if you aren’t sure you are, I recommend the Ashley Parker novels.

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