Alt.Fiction is a Writing East Midlands brand.

Alt.Fiction Festival 2011

Young Adult Writing – Chris Wooding, Stephen Deas, William Hussey

Using Mythology in Writing – Mark Chadbourn, Adrian Tchaikovsky, K.A.Laity

The Editors – Helen Marshall, Marc Gascoigne, Steve Tribe

Iain M Banks 2011
Iain M Banks at the Leicester Phoenix



Other Worlds November 2010

Full Panel featuring Tony Ballantyne, Peter F Hamilton, Adrian Thaikovsky and Mark Charan Newton

Sci Fi Panel featuring Tony Ballantyne and Peter F Hamilton

Promotional Podcast October 2010

with Alex Davis and Catherine Rogers

Alt.Fiction June 2010

Alex Bell, Kate Griffin, MD Lachlan – New Writers Breaking In

Interview with Kim Lakin Smith and Raven Dane

Lee Harris, Alasdair Stuart, Vincent Holland-Keen – Blogging, New Media and the Internet

Mark Charan Newton, Alex Bell, Kate Griffin – Fantasy The New Generation

An Audience with Ramsey Campbell and Steven Jones

Simon Guerrier, James Goss, Graham McNeill, Gav Thorpe – Tie in Novels and Shared Universes

Jon Weir, Jenni Hill, Marc Gascoigne and Steve Tribe – Publishing

Tony Ballantyne, Michael Cobley & Colin Harvey – SF The Future of the Future



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