Press Release | The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen

“I know if you try to explain it, whatever reason you come up with, it’ll be wrong.”

‘The Office of Lost and Found’ is now available in hard copy. Published as an ebook
through Anarchy Press, VHK has now made the book available through Lulu for
those who still crave the pleasure of a physical book.

Available now as paperback with a version of the ebook cover and as a hardback with the original ‘logo’ cover, these editions of ‘The Office of Lost and Found’ include notes and sketches by the author not previously released.


eBook Link (Anarchy Books):

A new trailer is available to view and embed on You tube

Release Video link:

Release Video Embed:

POD is by it’s nature a little more expensive but costs have been kept as low as possible and the extra content makes these versions well worth it.