Short Fiction

last updated 01/03/11

Short fiction supplied with kind permission from the authors. Copyright remains with the
author so please contact them directly for permission to reproduce any part of these stories.
If you would like to submit a short story please contact hagelrat on unbound(at)


Sunday Story, Into the Daylight - Cat Connor

Sunday Story, If Tomorror Never Comes - Cat Connor

Sunday Story, Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Cat Connor

Sunday Story, I Just Want to be Your Man - Cat Connor

Sunday Story, Every Beat of My Heart - Cat Connor

Sunday Story, All I wanted was you - Cat Connor

Flash Fiction - Paul Jessup

Barleycorn - Jennifer Wiliams

Baggage - Paul Kane

Flash Fiction - Karen Schindler

Christmas Card Blues - Morgan Mandel

The Final Cut - Stray Taoist

Have yourself an Avon Halloween - AMP Mills
written for Un:Bound

Wordgeryne - Kate Laity
Originally appeared in Lovecraft's Weird Mysteries

One Night Stand - Lisa Lane
also available on her website

Nocturne Kiss - Harry Markov

A Madness of Ravens - Steve Savile
a greyfriars story

Tinted Windows - Harry Markov

Momentum - Damien G Walter
first published in Electric Velocipede #13

Gold on a Darkened Background - Polly Tuckett