Alt.Fiction 2012, as the dust settles

I meet a childhood hero thanks to Pat Kelleher

Well, I am home, tired, relaxed and happy having almost completed my duties for altfiction 2012.

As the dust settles I want to share a few thank you’s, or as I like to call it ‘My Gwyneth Paltrow Oscar moment’

First of all a big thank you to all the participants, I am always delighted by how the alt fic community is willing to give their time and energy to events like this, to share their knowledge and experience with other writers and fans. Particularly impressive are those who along with Paul Cornell attended a mere week after Eastercon, heroic effort folks and we appreciated it. Thanks to Keith Large for letting us have fun with his play the Carrot Nappers. Everyone was spectacular and our guests of honour Ken MacLeod and James Swallow brought Saturday night in, in spectacular fashion.

@mygoditsraining, @fiskerton, Catherine Rogers, Jim Worrad

Second the Volunteers and my team of Minions and Catherine from WEM who all provided ad hoc support particularly Alasdair Stuart who played host, compere and sound engineer as well as panelist over the weekend. I received awesome amounts of support from my crack squad this weekend which helped things run very smoothly.

Huge thanks to Constable Robinson, PanMacmillan, Gollancz and SFX magazine for all their support and the big boxes of stuff that came for the goody bags and to Forbidden Planet London for the bags. Thanks to everyone who provided fliers, bookmarks and the like for the bags.

A special mention too for @mygoditsraining and @franterminiello for bringing baked goods to add to te festival of cake that we like to run on the sidelines.

Coz that's how we roll!

Thanks to the Phoenix and staff for hosting the event and having us back next year and for being cheerful and charming throughout and not running out of booze.

Over the last few months Del Lakin-Smith has done a fantastic job with the website so thank you to ‘Beyond the Blurb’ for their ongoing support.

A thank you to to the ride leaders and Peter for organising the Adrian Mole bike tour and to Leicester Cycle City for sponsoring it.

Most of all thank you to everyone who paid to attend our event, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and that we will see you again in May 2013, back at Phoenix Square.

It couldn’t have happened without all of you and no doubt a lot of other people I haven’t picked out here.

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